1047 Badges
1047 is the code for a specific room party run by a specific group of people. As with everything there are rules to abide by. In order to attend you must be given a badge for entrance to the party. The following are badge designs that have been used thus far. Each badge is good for one convention and one convention only. They will never be reused again.
This is the very first issued badge created for Janicon 2007
Allison and Lyssa's birthday party was the first badge designed for a party not held at a con. Though it was on the same weekend as Hypericon 2008
Ohayocon 2008
MTAC 2008
Anime Central 2008 had the first original art designed for the party.
Anime Weekend Atlanta ended up having four different designs as it was my asian sister Sonnie from Studdby Chubby's birthday. So different levels could invite different numbers of guests.
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