1047 is the code for a specific room party run by a specific group of people. As with everything there are rules to abide by. In order to attend you must be given a badge for entrance to the party. The following is our policy for partying.
1047 Disclaimer

Under 21? Yeah? Then Get the Fuck Out!
Obvious exceptions for friends, and hot chicks.
1047 has the right to refuse admittance to any persons for any reason, including but not limited to: Being Lame, Being a Lousy Drunk, Starting a Fight, and Being Too Serious. Party is invite only guests must be pre-approved by a 1047 host. No Bush's allowed. 1047 is not affiliated in any way with any convention. Attending and/or staffing said convention does not in anyway guarantee admittance into 1047. No cameras allowed unless sanctioned by a 1047 host. No more than two guys in a bed for the night. Puking is strongly discouraged and ONLY acceptable in the toilet. Any person caught throwing up in the room volunteers their stash to the 1047 hosts. Bodily harm, and biting are only allowed when asked for, and/or encouraged by receiver. As always your first trip to 1047 you HAVE to drink. Common sense must be maintained no matter how drunk you become, Party Fouls and poor behavior are grounds for instant removal. 1047 will not end until it has to end..

No Shirt, No Shoes, and No Penis? No problem.

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